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HIFU The New Cure For Prostate Cancer

HIFU The New Cure For Prostate Cancer HIFU913

This is a short video by Dr. Herb Riemenschneider of Riverside Urology in Columbus, Ohio along with Dr. Vikram Krishnasetty, Radiologist and Dr. Michael Sweeney, Urologist. In an easy to understand manner, Dr. Herb overviews the latest technology and methods of dealing with prostate cancer. Dr. Krishnasetty explains how with 3T MRI, a scan with three-dimensional images, we can look inside the organ which allows for early diagnosis of cancer. Dr. Sweeney explains how with proper patient selection we can use High Intensity Focused Ultrasound or HIFU to focus sound waves in an ultra-precise manner to create heat at specific points to destroy the cancer in the prostate and leave the rest of the prostate alone (Focal Therapy) thereby preserving sexual function and urinary control. This latest technology is available at Riverside Urology and The Knightsbridge Surgery Center in Columbus, Ohio. For this information personalized to your case call us at 614-442-3000.

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