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“Peyronie’s Disease" Curvature of the penis. Corpora Cavernosogram, Peyronie’s Plaque excision. Learn about treatments.


get help today We are proud to be among the first to use this innovative approach for  Vasectomy. Click here for more information.

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The video "Know Your Options With Prostate Cancer" is available in the video library.
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Riverside Urology treats a wide variety of urological conditions

Prostate Health
BPH Prostate Enlargement, Prostate Cancer and Cryoablation of the Prostate, also known as Cryotherapy
Female Incontinence
Compassionate Treatment and Best Results for Female Urinary Incontinence and bladder control.
Male Incontinence
Our Treatments Offer Comfort and a Return to Normal Living without Urinary Incontinence Kidney Stone Disease Kidney Cancer and Urinary Tract Stone Disease: New Solutions for an Ancient
Vasectomy Information
Dr. Riemenschneider is proud of the many vasectomies he has performed.
Erectile Dysfunction
Erectile Dysfunction: Penile Prosthesis. Erectile Dysfunction: Peyronies Disease
Peyronies Disease
Dr. Riemenschneider has more than twenty years of experience with the treatment of Peyronie's disease and Peyronies plaque surgery and many satisfied patients
Urinary Tract Infection, Cystitis, Hematuria and more...
At Riverside Urology, we recognize that disease of any kind can put a patient's life in turmoil. Our focus upon patient quality of life leads us to seek least-invasive solutions leading to best outcomes with minimal life disruption.

Riverside Urology

Riverside Urology Center is a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to the well-being of our patients. We specialize in the treatment of diseases and functional problems of the bladder, kidneys, and urogenital system.

Dr. Herb Riemenschneider - Innovative Expert, Devoted Practioner

In medicine, as in other fields of science, there is a mainstream of thought which can afford a comfortable practice for those who merely follow the norms. But in every age there is also a leading edge—a small band of pioneers who move the mainstream toward new discoveries, new treatments and new solutions to age-old afflictions. It is a matter of devotion; the pioneers never rest until their vision of a new day is realized.

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Free Health Seminar "High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) the latest treatment for prostate cancer". Thursday, September 24th from 6-7:00 PM at the Knightsbridge Surgery Center, 4845 Knightsbridge Blvd. Cols. OH 43214

Painless Vasectomy

Painless Vasectomy This surgical approach called “No needle No scalpelVasectomy” offers men a new less-invasive painless dimension in birth control.
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Prostate Health: Free Online BPH Test

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Your prostate health:
BPH Prostate Enlargement, Prostate Cancer and
Cryoablation of the Prostate,
also known as Cryotherapy.
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